Wyoming Spring Turkey Hunt

Semi-Guided Hunt   April 1 – May 20

Private ranches – Firearms & Archery – You Call/We Call    

Hunt from Blinds, Calling, and Spot/Stalk

WY Birds are 100% Pure Merriam’s – OTC License

3 Day Town Hunt 1 Bird $995

Prairie Dog/Varmint Hunt

Private Ranch – June 1 – July 31- No license required

Town Hunt- Lunch provided in the field

We recommend a 2-day hunt. Bring plenty of ammo!

Shoot from 8 am to 4 pm (1 hour lunch break)

$250 per Shooter/per Day

Private Ranch Archery Antelope Hunt

         August 15 – September 30

Over 325,000 acres with many P&Y bucks

4 x 4 transportation – Blinds & stands over waterholes

5 Day Town Hunt $1,995

*In some areas, a doe hunt may be added for $100

 Red Desert Archery Antelope Hunt

August 15 – September 6

Carbon County – #1 B&C Head Area in the USA – Lunch provided

4 x 4 transportation – Blinds & stands over waterholes

Preference Points Advised, but not mandatory

Town Hunts: 5 Day $2,295 – 6 Day $2,495

Private Ranch Firearms Antelope Hunt

September 10 – October 31

Spot & stalk hunting – 4 x 4 transportation – Lunch provided

3 Day Town Hunt $1,995

*In some areas, a doe hunt may be added for $100

Red Desert Firearms Antelope Hunt

September 7 – October 31

Spot & stalk hunting – 4 x 4 transportation – Lunch provided

Carbon County – #1 B&C Head Area in the USA

Preference Points advised, but not mandatory

3 Day Town Hunt $2,295

BIG COUNTRY” Firearms Antelope Hunt

October 1-15

Limit of 12 firearm hunters on 110,000 private acres

Easy draw – Lunch provided – 4 x 4 transportation

Total “BIG COUNTRY” Harvest = 1 buck taken for every 13 sq. miles

3 Day Town Hunt $2,195

South Dakota Firearms or
Archery Buffalo Hunt

November 1 – December 31

Spot & stalk hunting – 4 x 4 transportation – Meals provided

Private land – no license – includes meat

3 Day Lodge Hunt- Mature Cow $4,995  Meat/Trophy Bull $5,995

4 to 8 year old Trophy Bulls $7,495

Elk Hunts – Archery & Firearms

Archery – September 1-30   Firearms – September 1 – November 30

Private Land – Lunch provided – 4 x 4 transportation

Spot & stalk – Waterholes – Wallows – Calling

6 Day Archery Town Hunt $5,995

5 Day Firearms Town Hunt $5,995

*Add: Antelope $1,495, Deer-Varies, Merriams Turkey $750

Mule/Whitetail Deer Hunts –
Archery & Firearms

Archery – September 1-30   Firearms – October 1 – November 30

Private Land – Lunch provided – 4 x 4 transportation

Spot & stalk – Waterholes – Blinds – Trails

5 Day Archery, Town Management Mule Deer Hunt $3,195

4 Day Firearms, Town Management Mule Deer Hunt $3,195

4 Day Firearms, Town Trophy Mule Deer Hunt (24-48 in.) $4,195

4 Day Firearms, Town Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt $3,995

4 Day Firearms, Town MEGA Mule Deer Hunt (28 in. +) $5,995

*Add an antelope $1,495. Add a Merriam’s turkey $750

Black Hills Preserve Elk, Buffalo, Trophy Mule and Whitetail Deer

Archery · Firearms · NO license required! NO season dates! Private Land- 4 x 4 transportation · Spot & stalk

3 day/3 night Lodge hunt with all meals · Additional nights available at $100 per person · This is a quality, challenging hunt on 3,000 acres!

These hunts can be combined with a Wyoming hunt OR with a personal mini vacation in the beautiful Black Hills region.

*All scoring on the BHP hunts are based on the SCI method; All BHP hunts are subject to 6% South Dakota sales tax

Line Busy? Then call Mark Hollenbeck at Sunrise Ranch direct at 605-685-3376.

5 Day Lodge
Trophy Mule Deer Hunts

150-159 Buck $7,495
160-179 Buck $9,495
180-199 Buck $11,749
200-220 Buck $14,495
221-249 Buck $16,495
250 & Up $21,995

3 Day Lodge
Elk Hunts

Mature Cow $2,495
5 x 5 Bull $4,995
260-299 6 point $5,995
300-329 Bull $6,995
330-345 Bull $7,995
346-365 Bull $8,995
366-385 Bull $9,995
386-400 Bull $10,995
401-415 Bull $12,495
416-439 Bull $14,495
440-450 Bull $15,995
451 & Up  Call for pricing

3 Day Lodge
Whitetail Deer Hunts

170’s Buck $4,495
180’s Buck $5,295
190’s Buck $5,995
200-220 Buck $7,495
221-240 Buck $9,995
241-260 Buck $10,995
261 & Up- Call for Pricing

Any hunt booked with Real Western Hunting is eligible for full credit on any preference points you have purchased for that species.
A $100 deposit per hunter will reserve your hunt, desired dates, and price for future years — call now for details!
Real Western Hunting Policies

All of our hunts and trips are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We will provide full assistance to you with license and/or preference point applications. All rates listed are “per hunter” and based on 2 hunters per 1 guide, except archery antelope hunts may be 3 hunters per 1 guide. A one on one hunt is available for an extra $150 per scheduled hunt day. Expenses not included in our hunt fees are as follows: license fees, meat processing or donation fees, taxidermy, travel costs and at your discretion, gratuities for our hard working staff.

Town Hunts – stay in our recommended motel. You pay for your own accommodations and evening meals.

Lodge Hunts – Accommodations include all modern amenities. Breakfast, lunch for the field, and home cooked dinners are included.

Deposit Policy

To reserve a hunt, we request that you send an initial 25% deposit of your total hunt price. You will also need to submit license fees for the species you are hunting BEFORE the license application deadline(s) below. A second deposit of 25% of the total hunt price will be due by July 15, and the remaining 50% of the total hunt price is due at the beginning of your hunt. Personal checks and other forms of guaranteed funds will be accepted for initial and secondary deposits. HUNT BALANCES MUST BE PAID BY CASH, MONEY ORDER, OR TRAVELERS, CASHIER’S OR CERTIFIED CHECK. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR YOUR HUNT BALANCE. NO LICENSE APPLICATIONS WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE WYOMING GAME AND FISH UNLESS YOUR ACCOUNT IS CURRENT. If you are unsuccessful in the license drawings, you have the option of having your deposit(s) returned to you no later than August 15, OR apply your deposit to another available current season hunt OR a hunt for next year at this season’s price. If you have booked a combination hunt and you only draw one species, you have the option of either applying all of your deposit monies to the hunt for the one species, OR requesting the return of your full deposit amount. Keep in mind that all refunds concerning licenses issued by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department are under their jurisdiction, and Real Western Hunting will not issue refunds on any licenses. WE CANNOT MAKE ANY REFUND OR PRICE ADJUSTMENT FOR LATE ARRIVALS, EARLY DEPARTURES, CANCELLATIONS, OR “NO SHOWS” FOR ANY OUTING. IF YOU CANCEL ANY BOOKING LESS THAN 30 DAYS BEFORE YOUR FIRST DAY OF THE HUNT, YOUR ENTIRE DEPOSIT AMOUNT WILL BE FORFEITED, OR A PORTION MAY BE CARRIED OVER TO A FUTURE SEASON. We reserve the right to return deposits and refuse service to anyone. While we try to accommodate everyone, hunters are our priority. So please call before booking a non-hunter as spaces are very limited. Please ask any question(s) that you may have! We want you to feel 100% comfortable booking with Real Western Hunting!

License Deadlines

  • Elk: January 1-31
  • Deer and Antelope: January 1 – May 31
  • Black Hills Preserve: No Licenses Required
  • Turkey: Over the Counter
  • Leftover License: On Sale Early July
  • Preference Points: July 1 – October 31
Real Western Hunting References
  1. Nick Buerger, WI – 920-904-6167
  2. Kristen Cogan, OK- 972-971-3018
  3. Dan Ellis, MS – 601-408-9174
  4. Tom Emerzian, CA- 559-269-5832
  5. Chris Holcomb, AL – 256-228-4191
  6. Bob McCollum, CA/ID – 530-272-8553
  7. Jon Priddy, NC – 252-722-3187
  8. Ronnie Rivers, GA- 770-653-3141
  9. Jim Rozas, NY – 917-836-3142
  10. Craig Schafer, IN – 812-779-5317
  11. Ryan Speltz, MN – 651-247-6554
  12. Todd Stanger, IA – 563-210-8453
  13. Mike Stone, KY- 270-519-5661
  14. Don Williams, MI- 906-482-6333
  15. Chris Yeaw, WA- 509-671-0343

Please be aware of the different time zones, and be considerate which hours you call.

Our Business

Dale Critchfield was employed in the license section of the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for 10 years, founded a major outfitting business and has either guided, hunted, fished or trapped in almost every county in Wyoming. He loves to talk hunting and we urge you to call with your questions and concerns.