Wyoming Preference Points On Sale Now!


It is again the time to apply for elk, deer and antelope preference points.  If you are planning a hunt to Wyoming in the future, purchasing preference points is a wise idea.  They are on sale from July 1 to October 31, and the cost per point is: antelope $30,  deer $40 and elk $50.  To purchase a point, go to: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/hunting/preference-points  OR contact us and we can walk you through the process.  A point belongs to only you, is species specific, and not tied to any particular hunt area, season, ranch or outfitter.  Another important fact to consider is that Wyoming has very few OTC licenses, which makes having points even more crucial.


Having a point or two will: 1. give you a better chance of drawing a better quality hunt area, 2. if you are unsuccessful in the point drawing, your application is also entered into the random drawing—which gives you a “second” chance of drawing, and 3. it helps to better stabilize your hunting and travel plans.


Starting immediately, Real Western Hunting will allow you full credit for any points purchased prior to the current season drawing(s) when you book with RWH.  This is way of rewarding your wise thinking and dedication of obtaining points over time.  Sad to say, but the number of applicants for our licenses has increased every year for the last three years—it is a wise hunters that realizes the statistics and plans accordingly.

Didn’t Draw? Lack Points? Health Problems or Just Getting Old?


This hunt is conducted on 3,500 private acres, and does not require a license.  There are no weapon, point, sex or species restrictions on this ranch— just book a hunt and go.  Both elk and buffalo reside on this ranch year around, so even though it is a “preserve or high fence” operation, with the amount of acreage it is a challenging hunt.  It is an ideal solution for someone who is running out of time and has never taken an elk.


While some may criticize a hunt of this type, we do not have any feeders, do not plant food plots, do not utilize scent machines, strips or lure to “entice or train” the animals to come to a certain area or location.  All hunts are for 3 days and lodging and meals are included in the hunt price.

BHP hunt prices:

Cow hunt $1,995

280 to 310 bull $4,500

320 to 370 bull $7,495

MEGA Bull pricing available on request

Buffalo $3,500 and up

Merriam’s Turkey In Spring 2018


At the present time we are accepting bookings for the 2018 spring season.  With a simple deposit of $100, this is a good method of “locking in” specific dates for the future.  Please remember that all hunts are sold on a FCFS basis and almost all are limited in number.  In spring 2017 we had 100% success and averaged 8 ½ inch beards.  Wyoming is a one bird state and in South Dakota we can arrange a two bird hunt.  We welcome your turkey hunting questions!

Wyoming Big Game License Fees To Increase In 2018


We spoke against the passage of HB 288, but the bill was passed overwhelmingly as almost every wildlife group spoke in favor it (Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Union Sportsmen Alliance). This bill basically increased the cost of nonresident big game licenses about 20% across the board, while it only increased resident licenses about 10%.


It was incredible to see such a proposal, as several months before the Wyoming Game and Fish Department was sitting on a $50 plus budget surplus.  THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST REASONS FOR DEVELOPING THIS NEWSLETTER.  IT SEEMS THAT THE NONRESIDENT SPORTSMEN WHO PROVIDE ABOUT 65% OF THE FUNDING, ARE ALWAYS THE LAST TO KNOW ABOUT LICENSING OR SEASON CHANGING ISSUES.


We feel that the nonresident sportsmen should be better informed and that the State of WY and/or the WGFD could communicate in a more direct way with the customers that pay the majority of their bills.


We will be in the field from August 11 to November 5, so please be patient with us and we will acknowledge your communication, questions or correspondence as soon as possible.  Please give us your input on our RWH Newsletter—we appreciate hearing your comments or thoughts!


Good luck on all your outings this fall!


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